Team Selection & The Ethos of Junior Cricket at Alderly Edge

As a parent, there’s something magical about watching your child participate in a sport and cricket seems to provide an added dimension whether it is the team comradery, the regalia of the cricket whites or the fact it is (usually) played under the backdrop of fine weather.

Receiving a “team selection” is exciting for both parent and child. Having been involved with junior cricket at Alderley Edge for the past 3 years, parents have on occasion enquired about team selection, so this is an ideal opportunity to explain how it works and dispel those “myths.”

The first thing to make clear is that simply joining the club doesn’t automatically guarantee competitive cricket, the child must “willingly” want to participate. By that it means the child has an interest in cricket, a basic capability and an appetite to learn.

The Ethos of Junior Cricket at Alderley Edge

Our aim is to provide an environment where children can develop their cricketing skills at whatever level that might be and that they ultimately gain enjoyment from the game of cricket. (see coaching for all abilities)

So how does team selection work?

At each age category, there are two teams:

There is a “first” team which for all intents and purposes will select itself. The team isn’t set in “tablets of stone” but reflects the current form of the players selected. Players across all age groups will be eligible dependent on their ability to perform at that level. Throughout the season, they will all be constantly reviewed and considered for selection, which will provide every child with an equal opportunity. This team will compete in the more challenging competitions against teams of similar capability.

The other side will be a “development” team. Selection will be more flexible and it will look to develop player’s skills and abilities both individually and within the team framework.

This certainly isn’t to be viewed as a “lesser” team or as a team with substandard players. (on a number of occasions the years where the sides have ultimately been drawn against each other, the Alderley development side has beaten the Alderley first team) Matches will be highly competitive and they will compete for league and cup titles, so the team dynamic is equally as important in this side as it is the other. Arguably there will be more opportunity for players to develop within this structure and throughout the season players will reviewed and be available for selection for both teams.

Whilst our aim, when planning the junior cricket framework, is to provide the boys with cricket match experience, we are very mindful of the fact that if a child is placed in a team that doesn’t reflect their ability it can effectively limit their input in a game, significantly undermine their confidence and even turn them off the sport. It is imperative that the child feels part of the team, that they can make a positive contribution and most of all that they enjoy the experience.

A few things to remember...

Fixture Details:

If your child is selected to play in a fixture the team manager will notify you by email and will include details of the fixture and address details to the cricket ground.

Turning up on Time:

The team manager will request that players get to the ground about 25 minutes before a game is due to start. It is imperative that you get your child to the ground at the requested time, so they can warm up with the team. If they are late the child misses out on valuable team time and it unsettles the rest of the team.

Match Fees:

There is a £3 match fee which is payable at each game.

Junior Membership:

To be eligible to take part in the coaching or to be selected to play in a match your child must be a junior member of the club. Junior membership for the year is £80 and can be arranged with Sam Raper – Club Treasurer. Please note for insurance purposes, children who are not members will not be able to take part in any cricket at the club.