AECC Player Code Code of Conduct

Over the years, Alderley Edge has developed an unrivalled reputation for producing excellent junior cricket teams. Playing ability is only part of the equation and we place equal emphasis on developing the children’s attitude towards sporting etiquette.

The club maintains high standards of sporting behaviour and in representing the club your child will be expected to understand the basic requirements.

Please familiarise yourself and your child with the basic guidelines which all our players must adhere to.

1. Sportmanship must be displayed at all times
2. Umpires are the first to walk out to the wicket, so players must let the umpires take to the field before the players themselves
3. Players must support their own team mates. That means no chastising other team members for misdemeanours (ie. dropped catches or missed run outs) Team mates require encouragement not your criticism. Remember next time it could be you that drops the catch!
4. At the end of the innings the fielding side are to clap the batsmen off the field. (U9s to clap off each batting pair)
5. Under no circumstances are players permitted to challenge the umpire’s decision
6. After every game (win or lose) irrespective of opposition’s behaviour, we shake hands and smile. The AECC captain arranges “three cheers” for the other side
7. In any match issue, the team manager’s decision is final
8. No inappropriate behaviour on or off field. That includes horsing around on the outfield or distracting the players on the field.
9. “Sledging” is viewed as inappropriate in junior cricket

Any player in breach of the above may incur a one match ban at the manager’s discretion